Sunday, 25 January 2009

Das Lied zum Sonntag

Sleater-Kinney - The Drama You've Been Craving

[the video is from 1997 too, how amazing is that?]

Oh I wait
(I'm a time bomb)
For something more today
(I'm a fuse)

You know the place it stinks
(tongue is tired)
I smell like despair
(from over use)

All the bridges gonna burn gonna fall down
Burn it down it's so hot it's so hot hot
(is it all on you)

The clock I'm punching in
(I'm a monster)
Work till I can't give
(I'm a machine)
Now there's no time left
(and where I'm headed)
No time left for anything
(it's so obscene)

All the drama that you crave that you really want
That you crave that you want that you want want

(is it all on you)
Kick it out kick it in
Oh I wait
(I've got drama)
For something more today
(for the brain)

[auf "Dig Me Out", 1997]

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