Friday 28 December 2007


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas or whatever it was you celebrated in a religious, traditional, ironically commercial or simply heart-warming fashion. If you didn't celebrate, I hope you spent a good week. My family found out that dealing with a wheel-chair in restaurants is not quite as difficult as we expected, but then, the restaurants were already pre-chosen to fit our requirements. I am tired and I never felt like going out to drink after a difficult day at work fit my lifestyle quite as much as now, and I have to restrain myself not to think "I can't believe what kind of problems you people have" whenever I am surrounded by friends or more removed members of my family. This will pass too. I've overly enjoyed the holidays, despite the stress, the lack of sleep and all that. Maybe I am just not used to feeling like the oldest person in the room. Oh, and I'll be 21 soon.
By the way, this slightly rambly and remotely whiny post was inspired by the person who told me she thought I didn't complain enough. I will miss you really, really badly when you're in Norway. :)

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