Monday 5 May 2008

The Fourth, The Last

Right or wrong
here we are
I wanna know
what you are

Sleater-Kinney: Start Together

The four episodes of the fourth and last, though parted season of Battlestar Galactica is...amazing. I think I will actually have to admit that I find it better than any other season of any other show, despite the fact that some others, such as "Buffy", probably were closer to me personally. But this is ... the big picture. Religion and politics and emotions. Everything at once (and there is a clear Buffy-connection too, since Jane Espenson is now writing the best episodes of BSG). My only idea about the future has been destroyed with the fourth episode because they finally got around to explain how monotheism started. And let's just say that my new theory isn't exactly more hopeful for humanity. I have to admit that the most intriguing character right now might be Laura Roslin. She is hard to figure out and lately, she really does have her own thing going on, and there seems to be nothing to balance her out anymore.
And you know how things are in the final season: Anything can happen, to anyone.

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