Thursday 30 October 2008

The Road to the Presidential Election: Day Five

"National security is one issue where polls show the Arizona Republican holding a consistent advantage over Sen. Obama. According to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 50% of voters picked Sen. McCain when asked who would be better as commander in chief, compared with 32% for Sen. Obama. But nearly as many voters said they would have confidence in the Democratic nominee as commander in chief as said the same of Sen. McCain."

Wall Street Journal: McCain Tries to Shift Focus to Security, 30. Oktober 2008

Die Republikaner haben offensichtlich ähnliche Probleme wie andere konservative Parteien:
"The rise of the Obamacons is more than a reaction against Mr Bush’s remodelling of the Republican Party and Mr McCain’s desperation: there were plenty of disillusioned Republicans in 2004 who did not warm to John Kerry. It is also a positive verdict on Mr Obama. For many conservatives, Mr Obama embodies qualities that their party has abandoned: pragmatism, competence and respect for the head rather than the heart. Mr Obama’s calm and collected response to the turmoil on Wall Street contrasted sharply with Mr McCain’s grandstanding."

Wall Street Journal: The Rise of the Obamacons, 23. Oktober 2008
Financial Times: Obama prepares for speedy transition
Wall Street Journal: Democrats Vie to Shape an Obama Legislative Agenda

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