Monday, 1 December 2008

The Monday List: Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 10 Points

  1. Lena Headey kicks ass
  2. Summer Glau's Terminator is the perfect follow up to River in "Firefly". Learning how to act human? Not getting certain very human things? (this owes a lot to Anya from "Buffy", by the way). Oh, and she totally kicks ass. Nothing is cooler than a fight scene between a really petite woman and a huge guy and the woman wins.
  3. Good combination of action scenes, mythology and intelligence about the topic.
  4. The dynamics between the three main characters are perfect and something I don't think I've seen before.
  5. Nerds are going to bring about the end of human civilization? Like, we all totally saw that one coming, right?
  1. I don't care that Sarah Connor is supposed to be American, forcing Lena Headey not to have her original British accent is just wrong.
  2. John Connor is an Emo computer nerd and needs to grow up? Come on, show some respect for teenage boys, occasionally they really are cool.
  3. Where would you be without BSG? I know, they are kind of sharing the same territory, but still...
  4. It's on FOX, so it's doomed. Nothing with a mythology should ever be on FOX. Especially if it's smart and gets moved to where Television shows go to die (Friday nights) if it doesn't get the high ratings that were expected.
  5. Did I mention it was on FOX? I'll so regret getting into this show next season. By the way, good luck, "Dollhouse".
I haven't seen the original movies. So I don't care about whether this show betrays the original spirit, breaks some holy rules about what the machines can and can not do, and "oh my god, the good Terminator is a woman" (wait, remember when Dirk Benedict said he felt "castrated" or something because his old role of Starbuck was played by Katee Sackhoff? - We can all learn something from that little story. Like, the sadness of TV stars who never got over their biggest role. Or generally, the sadness of sexists who feel like outsiders in our radical feminist society. Wait, how did I even get here? I'll stop now.)

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