Thursday 26 March 2009

Good acting is when you are nothing like your character

I know, no politics. Just one small thing: AIG is now AIU, so I guess the economy is saved and we can go happily into a shiny future. The "U" stands for "Underwriters". A very good choice. My first association was "The Undertaker" - who, back when I actually did watch Wrestling at 11 or 12, was the really bad guy.

What I meant to say was: The Guardian has a very nice interview with actress Catherine Keener. Read this paragraph and tell me if you can picture the very cold and reserved Maxine from Spike Jonze's "Being John Malkovich". I couldn't for the life of me, and that makes her an amazing actress that deserves leading roles.
"Sure enough, five minutes into our interview, Keener takes three sachets of sugar, meant for her coffee, and tips them into her soup. "Oh my god, I just poured all my sugar into my lunch! Fuck! I am such a klutz!" She leans over to one side until her head is almost on the table, and laughs a rich, dirty laugh; her eyes narrow and there's that giant wraparound smile so familiar from her movies."

Guardian: "I found my spot", March 26, 2009
This fits perfectly with the second thing that came up this week: Portia deRossi tends to play very, very cold and occasionally wacky characters (like Nelle in "Ally McBeal" and Lindsay in "Arrested Development"). Here she finally comes clean about how sorry she is for causing all those horrible inconveniences for homophobic nutjobs. And that one poor dog.

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