Wednesday 13 May 2009

What happened before, will happen again

"Jess propped Roxy against the wall; then, arms carefully locked, the couple entered the Blue Owl Grill, where the owner said "Whaddaya know?" first, an old joke with the old-timers; and Jess was own to his table at the back of what was, despite all the recent patriotic fuss against all things German, an old-fashioned German beer hall with solid German food and known, until recently, as the Heidelberg. The owners were a Swiss German couple, fierce in their neutrality.
"Bratwust and sauerkraut." Jessie ordered the same supper. "Sausage and liberty cabbage," said the immense German waitress, without a smile.
"Can you imagine?" said a woman's voice. "Changing the names just because they're German."

Gore Vidal: Hollywood, page 107f ("A novel about America in the 1920s")

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