Tuesday 7 July 2009

Agreement on Nuclear Weapons Treaty, or, ooops

"President Obama met Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin on Tuesday, the day after he signed an agreement to cut American and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals by at least one-quarter, a first step in a broader effort intended to reduce the threat of such weapons drastically and to prevent their further spread to unstable regions.
As the handpicked successor to Mr. Putin as president, Mr. Medvedev took office after elections last year, but Mr. Putin is generally considered the paramount political force in Russia. Even Mr. Obama, tired after an all-night flight from Washington and a full day of activities on Monday, at one point started to refer to Mr. Putin as “President,” then caught himself and said, “Prime Minister Putin.”

NY Times: Obama Meets Putin After Signing Weapons Deal, July 7, 2009

NY Times: U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement Is First Step in Broad Effort, July 6, 2009
Center for American Progress: A Strategy and New Agenda for U.S. Russia Policy, July 2, 2009
Council on Foreign Relations: Seeking Substance in Moscow, July 6, 2009

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