Wednesday 28 October 2009

Halloween is the time for Whedony references

Apart from the fact that Friday's episode of "Dollhouse" ("Belonging"), the last before a month-long hiatues that will be followed by double-features, was the most breath-taking, shocking, intelligent piece of television I've seen in quite some time (especially with the creepy Boyd reveal and the lengthy "Nikita"-Cleaner-reference), two other shows decided to reference Joss Whedon shows: Claire on "Heroes" went "all Buffy" on hazing sorority girls (and, one could argue, the show itself kinda went "all Buffy" with the College-storyline) and Richard Castle put on a special costume, although the genius retort of his daughter is cut from the clip - she says "There are no cows in space" (and the case of the week featured a vampire that was staked but did not go "poof"). I like to think of "Castle" as the nice great aunt that you enjoy seeing when you do but don't really miss if she should decide to move to a distant country.
But for me, the best way to think about Halloween is still to remember the utter creepness of giant fluffy bunnies, predicting the end of the world or otherwise.

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