Sunday 15 November 2009

Columnize my Randomness: Videocentric

Once again, a focus on TV shows (no real surprise there, right?)

The New York Magazine has a profile of Zach Gilford, who plays unlikely quarterback Matt Saracen in "Friday Night Lights". If you don't want to read any spoilers about the fourth season, don't follow the link: the headline alone gives a lot away. I've really enjoyed the premise of the fourth season so far! One of the best places for discussions of recent episodes is the A.V. Club.

"Mad Men" just wrapped up its third season with a brilliant finale that really was a "game changer" - that provides for a sort of Tabula Rasa for next season.

"Dollhouse" got cancelled. I don't really know what to say, except that this says more about the state of television than it does about the quality of the show. I hope that the comic will get realized. Here's Joss' reaction, and an interview he did before the news came out (it's spoilery and awesome).

In kinda related news, a group of inspired and incredibly talented people have produced an (unlicensed) prequel to "Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" called "Horrible Turn". The hour-long movie has unbelievably high production values, singing, and actors who really do look like younger versions of Captain Hammer and Billy. It also answers burning questions like "Why Australia?" and "How could anyone find that douche appealing?". Joss Whedon says it's fine as long as they don't make any money off of it (this is apparently also today's FM4-Webtipp)

The new trailer for the fourth season of "Skins" is online. The season premier will air in late January 2010 (which is awesome, because it means that both "Caprica" and "Skins" will start the same week - that might help to ignore the searing pain of seeing "Dollhouse" end). Looks like there's plenty of drama ahead for the Bristol teens.

And finally, just because I usually never link to "funny YouTube videos" - for this, I'll make an exception. I always admire good slapstick-handiwork - in this case - bodywork. What I love most is when he's down, like a bug on its back, and it doesn't even occur to him to let go of that beer case. That's DEVOTION, folks!