Monday 16 November 2009

The Monday List: Things/Conversations

1. No, my hair always looks like that.
2. What do you mean, I look less fat?
3. Something with journalism.
4. Well, I like to play basketball. I mean, sometimes. The last time I played? 12th grade?
5. Actually, I'm in a relationship.
6. Er no, she doesn't.
7. NO, that's only my second beer. And I'm not DRUNK, for f***s sake!
8. Sci-Fi. And it usually ends badly.
9. Did you SEE "Serenity"?
10. They are not like that when they're sober, I swear.
11. This isn't my music. ... Oh, almost everything actually. With guitars, and hip hop, and improvised music. No, not Metal. Oh, and that isn't really ... COULD YOU PLEASE TURN THAT OFF?
12. You voted for WHOM?
13. What do you mean, you DIDN'T VOTE?

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