Tuesday 15 December 2009

A Letter (about how I'm complicated)

I can write term papers in less than four days and still get a good grade (which possibly says more about my major than about me, but still). I can translate and spell-check pages of EU-funding requests without any problem although my only accomplishment related to the European Union so far was getting a mere D on every single course I was required to take on the subject. I can fix the electric wiring of my apartment without killing myself and it even works. What I can't do, however, is not procrastinate a phone call until eternity that I seriously do not want to make. For future reference: if I decide to contact you via mail, that usually means that a particular neurosis on my part has taken its toll and I have decided that mail is the way I want to do this. Ergo - please write back. Do not wait for me to call you and ask why you did not write back.

the Stranger who has just tried to call you but you did not pick up and so I now have to wait the entire evening for you to call back which you probably won't do because you failed to answer my mail for an entire week.

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