Monday 15 March 2010

It was a pond, with, like, ducks in it.

"I like making connections with random strangers, interesting ones, who want to change the world without becoming a footballer's wife or a porn star. Life is all about meeting interesting individuals you come across in ways you never expect" 

Just watched the interactive trailer of this generation of "Skins" (which is the lengthy promo of the bar fight for the third season, but has every single character say something about themselves) - and thought it was just completely random that Pandora's background music was "I hate myself and I want to die" by Cat Power, which played while she talked about always having the taste of cheese in her mouth. It also feels strange to watch the promo, considering how little group- and party scenes these two seasons of "Skins" have had, and how seldomly more than three characters have shared a scene.

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