Saturday 29 May 2010

I had to post this.

So this is a video in which a non-red-headed Karen Gillan parodies Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". I already mildly disliked this song when it was played everywhere in 2008, mostly because it wasn't just not a cover of the 1995 Jill Sobule song but the exact opposite of it. 
Then the wise people who create the soundtrack for the "Skins"-DVDs (they usually can't use all the songs from the original airings of the episodes for copyright-reasons, which is particularly horrible for a show that puts so much effort into having music that fits a particular scene) decided to use this song instead of the original, much more subtle one - for a scene in which two girls kiss. I KNOW, how incredibly original, etc (unless it was intended to be a clever juxtaposition of an incredibly honest emotional scene with an unelievably dishonest, awful piece of pop music). Now I dislike it considerably more, and this parody sums up why, and the fact that Amelia Pond is in it (I don't think she's singing though - I would have barely recognized her if it wasn't for the distinctively Scottish ending) makes it that much more awesome.

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