Thursday 28 October 2010

Linkliste unbehandelter Themen

"Der engagierte Einsatz für mehr Transparenz steht jedoch im krassen Widerspruch zu der eigenen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit von Wikileaks: Denn viel mehr als diese vagen Informationen gibt die Organisation über ihre internen Strukturen nicht preis. Zwar dient dieses Stillschweigen auch dem Schutz des eigenen Projekts. Zugleich ist für Außenstehende damit aber nicht nachvollziehbar, wie unabhängig die Aktivisten tatsächlich über Veröffentlichung und Zeitpunkt eingereichter Geheimdokumente entscheiden."

"What is clear is that the current arrangements have not been able to prevent the population as a whole from being exposed to – and quite often persuaded by – claims that are not true. Any tally of media failures has to include Iraq, of course. It should also include the coverage of the financial sector over the last 30 years or so. Financialization, deregulation, and the reorganization of the enterprise have all taken place to a background of steady applause from the major media. In the face of escalating criminality – most glaringly in the mortgage markets - the same media maintained a dignified silence."


Kathleen Hanna talks to GRITtv about the difference between zines and blogging.

Radical Act is a 1995 documentary about women in rock that is completely unavailable to me but sounds so interesting that I will probably spend the next year looking for it. Does the fact that it was just re-released hint at a renewed interest for the ideas and movements of the early 1990s or am I only noticing it because I am always looking out for even the smallest sign of it?

SyFy announced the cancellation of Caprica yesterday. The remaining episodes will be aired next year, so that I can comfortably review two episodes of Skins and one episode of Caprica every single week. Yay. I saw it coming - usually when a show reaches the point that I am amazed at every new episode, it means that it's a goner (see Dollhouse, T:TSCC). It's kinda like jeans which are also most comfortable just before they start to fall apart.

In other vaguely Battlestar Galactica related news, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer are documenting their motorcycle ride from LA to New Orleans (for charity). Their Vlog is pretty amazing.

A show that I am very much looking forward to is The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. It will start airing on Halloween, and The A.V. Club has an interview with producer Frank Darabont.

The Seattle Stranger reviews some of DJ Shadow's greatest tracks.

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