Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Interviews with 3 awesome people

One... Neil Gaiman (also, just as a sidenote: I never realized before why he's called Mr Nancy, because in my head, Anansi was pronounced radically differently from how it is actually pronounced. Oh, the hardships of having the wrong mother tongue...)
I feel much safer with my fans than Steve does...
He actually plays this thing like being nine hundred years old and eleven at the same time.
...not if you hide behind the sofa.  
Two... Terry Moore (if you're not reading Echo, which admittedly is probably hard to get anywhere outside US cities, WHY NOT?)

But I also wanted an element of real danger in the story. I wanted you to have the same sort of fear that you might have in a war, that just because we’re in the lead group doesn’t mean we’re safe; the guy beside you could drop at any minute. When I’m drawing my stories, I think of them as a film. I think what would this look like, how would they shoot this, how do I frame the camera shot on this? I don’t wonder what other comic artists would do, I wonder what a great director would do.
Three... Ruth Wilson. What I love most about this interview is that it is almost entirely about the process of bringing a character to live, which really shouldn't feel quite so novel but actually does since all we usually seem to care about is private lives and the surface of things. 
What I'm trying to say is that the backstory doesn't particularly aid. I mean, I don't know anything about physics. I looked up everything that was in the script, like what dark matter was, and tried to work out what her frame of reference was. She comes from a physicist's point of view, so she sees everything as a physicist. She sees people as matter, as balls of energy and conflicting energy. So emotions, they're only energy, you don't have to put anything else onto them. You don't have to have a conscious about them, because they're simply energy flowing through your body. So therefore, guilt or anger or whatever is something that you don't have to worry too much about it, because it's just energy. If you kill someone, you don't have to feel anything about it, because it's just energy. That's all we are. We're matter. We're nothing else. We're just balls of matter. 

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