Monday, 10 October 2011

Reaction Post - I'm not looking for innocence, I'm looking for certainty.

The Good Wife: 3x03 Get a Room. 

  • This wasn't the most exciting episode of television I've ever seen (and it also had to compare with the Breaking Bad season finale I'd seen right before, so that wasn't exactly a fair game), but Get a Room did a really good job at establishing some future conflicts. 
  • Lisa Edelstein's Celeste used to be married to Will, and I spent the entire episode trying to figure out where she fits into the realism/idealism matrix The Good Wife provides. 
  • You can tell why she was married to Will: they do seem to have the same approach to their job (the whole "it's a game of poker" thing was a bit too obvious, though) - and of course Will seemed to try and NOT play the game all the time (because, apparently, he is now a changed man) - but in the end, I think the point was that both he AND Alicia played, and Alicia went away from the whole thing realizing, with a bit of disgust (after the mediator tells her how exactly she "won" all that money for her client), that she is becoming someone she doesn't really want to be? 
  • "Who's the lady friend? The lawyer? I get a strong possessive sense there."
  • Will's journey in this episode: insisting that he different (now that he is with Alicia). Alicia's journey in this episode: sort of realizing she doesn't entirely like who she has become, and telling Owen that she isn't in love with Will (but... is she sure? Did she only realize that now?)
Owen: Are you gonna get hurt by this guy?
Alicia: I don't know. I have no perspective.
Owen: You should have rebelled in high school then you wouldn't have to do it now.
Alicia: Is that what this is, rebellion?
Owen: Or love? It's not love. Is it?
Alicia: No.
Owen: Good. Cause that would make it very complicated.
  • Also a nice moment: Kalinda, stressed because she is working two cases, walks in to deliver the crucial piece of information to Will, and subtly checks out Celeste (because of course she would know that Will used to be married to her). 
  • The Owen-Alicia stuff was interesting because it seemed like this was Alicia's first attempt at sharing some of what happened in the past few months between her and Peter (and her and Will) with someone else, because the one person she used to be able to talk to... is the unnamed woman Peter slept with. 
  • A conversation between Owen and Kalinda would be sort of amazing. 
  • Celeste might become part of the firm because her current one is failing and she basically asked Will for a job. 
  • The other conflict the episode hints at: Will puts Eli into trouble to avoid bad coverage of his own case, Eli goes to Diane to complain and even though Diane tells him Will isn't the leak, she was either just protecting Will OR she'll eventually figure out that Will did something to hurt their other, very lucrative business. Apart from the Alicia stuff, that would mean even more friction between the two. 
  • Peter's office decided not to pursue the doctor Alicia and Will were suing.. another sign that Peter is pulling his strings to hurt Alicia? 
  • Kalinda and Cary... oh well, I guess that's one conversation that needed to happen eventually. Sulky sad Cary accused Kalinda of only using him ("You can fake somebody else but you can't fake me." / "What am I faking?" / "Interest. Concern. Friendship"). Kalinda insists that she didn't actually do that... or at least, not JUST that. "Cary, whatever I thought, I didn't invent." 
  • Jackie walks in just as Owen and boyfriend Finn discuss tantric sex - what a great way to bring her character back (and to completely spoil Owen's evening by forcing him to listen to stories about Jackie's childhood. "Where should I start?"). 
  • For a moment there I thought the point of this scene would be to set up a possible custody battle between Peter and Alicia. 
  • "You are the one out having sex with your boyfriend and I'm the one home with the kids."
  • CHEESE. That hilarious moment when Eli watched the video of the vomiting kids with horror and had to tell the cheese guy that yeah, this might be kinda bad for the reputation of cheese manufacturers. 
  • "WHERE DO YOU LIVE? FAIRYLAND? OF COURSE THEY CAN DO THAT." (and I just really enjoy it whenever Eli is shocked and disgusted by people who don't understand how things work in the real world.)
  • Eli, celebrating that his client got a cake in his face: "I thought he'd just get booed."
  • That New York light...

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