Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What a weird year

"North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il" aka the spookiest thing I've seen in months

They howled and whimpered and scrubbed raw eyes with fists. They flailed their arms in grief and marched in their thousands to the capital's landmarks. But no one, outside of North Korea, really knows what North Koreans felt at news of Kim Jong-il's death.
The Guardian: After Kim Jong-il's death, what next for the people of North Korea?, December 19, 2011
The son, Kim Jong-un, is such an unknown that the world did not even know what he looked like until last year. Believed to be in his 20s, he faces enormous uncertainty over his ability to retain power in one of the most opaque and repressive nations — the last bastion of hard-line Communism.
Even if he can, questions loom about Kim Jong-un’s ability to manage North Korea’s ravaged economy, with its chronic shortages and deprivations, to avoid a complete collapse. 
NY Times: Kim’s Heir Likely to Focus on Stability, December 19, 2011 
Die Zeit: Der Zombie-Staat, 10. Dezember 2010

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