Tuesday 24 January 2012

Skins Webisodes Special - Just wait for someone real.

Spoiler-cut and a friendly shout-out to the good people of e4! I am from the Internet, IT COUNTS AS A PLACE.

Episode 03: Grace, Rich

This is about as far removed from what I want to be doing as humanly possible. 

  • There really isn't much to say except that this was utterly lovely. If anyone's relationship is likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, it's theirs. 
  • "Oh, come on, Rich. I'm not brain dead." /rim shot /ugly crying 
  • The episode doesn't exactly explain why they aren't in Morocco yet, but apparently Rich is working at a record store - and since Grace and he have decided to spend the summer together, she is trapped there as well. To pass the time, Rich has decided to give Grace a "zombie film education" (her "zombification"), presumably starting with the 1945 film classic Zombies on Broadway (since they are only now hitting the '90s). 
  • They run out of booze which is the only thing that makes low-budget-film-school-project-all the zombies are played by my friends-movies bearable, and therefore decide to plunder Rich's bosses' treasure chest of mystery bottles. 
  • Everything that happened afterwards was a beautifully executed parody of the genre. 
  • Rich doesn't leave to save himself after Grace is bitten, drug-induced fantasy (with apparent real-life victims) or not. 

Episode 02: Nick, Rider

Can't find a link to the video so here's the gist of it: In preparation for their trip to Morocco and because nothing has ever gone wrong when people tried to smuggle drugs across continents, Nick and Rider set out to score some from their friendly neighbourhood dealer. Since Mad Twatter presumably went diving in the Bristol harbour after destroying Jal's clarinet, we haven't actually seen the guy yet, but he is more on the hapless rather than psychopathic side of things. While Rider snorts some ominous birthday powder in the car, Nick tries to smoke the dealer under the table, which eventually succeeds, except that Nick has to awkwardly try and retrieve the booty from the guy's pockets while he's passed out which Rider (guided by a weird toy thingy from the car window that is talking to him due to drugs) naturally construes as giving a blow job to the dealer. They escape. 
Substance: none. I mean, fun, yeah, but nothing really important was revealed about the characters, except that Nick seems a bit aimless (and constantly high - nothing has changed since the finale) now that he is no longer captain of the rugby team and is still hanging out with Rider, who is well-played but extremely irritating. Makes me wonder if he will continue to be the comic relief character throughout the series or if anything serious will come out of it (perhaps of his endless homophobic jokes?). 

Episode 01: Alo, Mini, Liv
  • Alo is having a wank in Mini's room over a picture of Mini's mum. I like Alo, but considering that I set the bar for wank-joke tolerance really low with Skins US (hey, remember Stanley?), I think this counts as offence, rude. Hopefully it will be scrubbed from my mind once season six inevitably asks me to kind of ship Mini and Alo, which I think it might. 
  • He is "the only virgin left in the group". In case you were wondering what Franky's been up to in Morocco  (for context, this is relying heavily on interviews on spoilers, but as far as I understand, part of the group is in a band and somehow magically in Northern Africa, and Mini, Alo and Liv will soon follow. This is pure speculation, etc.)
  • Liv though. I guess Alo and Liv could be a thing too? Her reaction to Alo in Mini's room is amusement rather than revulsion - and she is more helpful and... "tactical". 
  • "I don't mingle with goths". Obviously horrible things happen when Rich isn't there to judge and huff. 
  • Liv and Mini watch the inevitable car crash as if Alo's exploit into goth territory was a programme on a nature channel. 
  • "This is for Raven, to prove to her that gingers can be rock stars too." 
  • "You used to baby sit me when I was ten". That went about as well as JJ's adventure. 
  • The scene in Mini's bedroom is an awesome call-back to the scene with Liv, Nick and Mini, except that we are now in the finale-afterglow of happiness (for now, at least), so there are no complicated triangles evolving from the bird view of the sleeping arrangements. And it is also sort of a nice parallel to Mini's inability to tell her friends and Nick about not having had sex, because Alo trusts Liv enough to be honest with her. 
  • "Just wait for someone real. I promise you, it's worth it." Aw. I think Mini's smile is a combination of many feelings: knowing that Liv is right, sort of admitting that she likes Alo (as a friend, at least, otherwise he wouldn't even be in her room), and perhaps marvelling at the fact that things are kind of okay at the moment (again, for now.)
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