Friday, 27 January 2012

What to read on ACTA

pdfs galore!
  • Lack of transparency during the negotiations
  • Creation of a framework outside existing institutions to exclude developing countries
  • Possibility that ACTA would eventually become the international standard and countries not involved in the negotiations would be forced to join
  • Therefore, developing countries facing severe security issues would be asked to use their limited resources to hunt down counterfeited handbags
  • The agreement might limit access to medicine in developing countries.
  • ACTA is not a sole executive agreement, raising issues of its binding quality (in the United States) since Congress is excluded from the decision-making process (see here)
So yeah, this is about more than whether you can still travel with your notebook or your iPod without fearing that it will be immediately destroyed by border authorities (I wonder how that part of the agreement would even be implemented?). 

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