Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Last weekend, a two-year old child born with HIV was reported to have been cured

Austrian defence minister Norbert Darabos stepped back from his post two days ago, following the defeat of his proposition to end compulsory military service in a referendum in  January, and was replaced with Gerald Klug, previously head of the Social Democrats in the Federal Council. 

Here are Sunday's results of the regional elections in Carinthia and Lower Austria.

Results are starting to come in from the Kenyan presidential election this Monday, with persistent concerns about violence after deathly ethnic clashes after the 2007 election

Pop Culture

On March 16, BBC Radio will broadcast an audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (I'd also recommend checking out the miniseries from 1996, starring Laura Fraser as Door and Gary Bakewell as Richard Mayhew - and Peter Capaldi as Islington).  Here's an interview with Natalie Dormer (Door), who talks about working with the well-known cast. 

Also, Margaery Tyrell returns March 31 in the third season of Game of Thrones. Here's a round-table with the creators and some of the actors (and a huge recommendation to check out the audio commentaries on the DVD for season two).

Another sincere recommendation: The Crash, a stunningly well-written and performed two-parter that started airing on BBC3 last night, about a group of teenagers (among them Lily Loveless and Sacha Parkinson) involved in a tragic car accident. 

Stoker is a movie that I'm really looking forward to. 

The A.V. Club interviewed Mae Whitman and there's nothing better to lighten up a dark day than to hear her talk about how much she loves Friday Night Lights

AW interviews Carrie Brownstein about... her media consumption, I guess. 

A lot of Japanese landlords forbid pets so naturally there are caf├ęs where people can hang out with cats. Judging by how my cat treats strangers, I hope they offer free band-aids.

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