Tuesday 19 March 2013

Reaction Post - The Adventures of Batgirl and Robyn

The Good Wife: 4x17 Invitation to an Inquest.

While Alicia and Will learn the ropes of yet another quirky not-the-courtroom-we-know institution headed by René Auberjoinois (a judge died in a car crash, the insurance company argues he killed himself because he was investigated as part of the whole basketball corrupts thing, Alicia represents the wife), and Cary does another dance of sadness and holding grudges with his dad (presumably bringing him closer to making partner but farther away from having a healthy relationship with Lex Luthor), Kalinda and Robyn team up in what is quickly becoming my favourite part of this show altogether, now that tequila with friends isn't an option anymore. They are so great! Because Robyn looks at Kalinda and is constantly in awe of how much of a superspy she is except Robyn is pretty darn good at the whole thing as well, and the combination of Kalinda's badassery and Robyn's (I think it's genuine, but it's also amazingly effective) naiveté is deadly and awesome. 
To be perfectly honest, I haven't had a lot of feelings about anything happening on the show for quite a while, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to mask this creeping disappointment, but I'm ready to see where all of it heading: now that Peter's (quite quietly, actually) won the Democratic nomination, he's going up against Mike Kresteva, Eli's finally all on his own now that he's gotten Jordan fired via Alicia, but the real question is: when is everyone going to remember that regardless of the newly returned paintings and flowers, their Louis Canning shaped overlord is soon going to return? 
  • Zach breaking up with his girlfriend was interesting because Alicia is convinced he does it for campaign reasons (that an authentic life isn't possible under the scrutiny of the press) - except Zach has it all figured out, and if ANYTHING, he used it to feel better about a decision he's already made in his head anyway. We haven't seen much of the Florrick kids lately but it's kind of great that all the things that Alicia struggles with her children are sort of absorbing by instinct through what they see, and they're growing stronger and fiercer for it. 
  • This is maybe also relevant when contrasted with what's happening to Cary in the episode, because I'm not entirely sure what his dad is trying to do but what I think it is - what it seems to be - is giving Cary an opportunity to shine and rise at L&G while at the same time passive-aggressively taking away the actual accomplishment from him, because HE is handing it to him, HE is giving him the opportunity.  The only way for Cary to win is to push his dad away and getting their on his own (even though there's the constant nagging feeling that Cary is so freaking privileged just by virtue of being who he is that "on his own" also has this other meaning). 

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