Friday, 29 May 2015

Orange is the New Black - Table of Contents

Season One: 

I Wasn't Ready
Tit Punch
Lesbian Request Denied
Imaginary Enemies
The Chickening
WAC Pack
Blood Donut
Moscow Mule
Bora Bora Bora
Tall Men With Feelings
Fool Me Once
Can't Fix Crazy

Season Two: 

Thirsty Bird
Looks Blue, Tastes Red
Hugs Can Be Deceiving
A Whole Other Hole
Low Self Esteem City
You Also Have a Pizza
Comic Sans
Appropriately Sized Pots
40 Oz of Furlough
Little Mustachioed Shit
Take a Break From Your Values
It Was the Change
We Have Manners, We're Polite


Anonymous said...

Can I just state that my heart jumped when I saw that you had reviewed OITNB? I CANNOT wait to dig into your interpretations - your Bomb Girls recaps were so achingly beautiful! And now I get to relish another show from your perspective :)


cathy leaves said...

Thank you Ami! I'm very much looking forward to reviewing the second season of the show as well.