Thursday 7 May 2015

Links 7/5/15


The Onion summarizes

Hillary Clinton is talking about race and justice and addresses incarceration rates:  "It’s time to change the era of mass incarceration. We don’t want to create another incarceration generation." - and the New York Reviews of Books about the silence of Judges when it comes to the issue of mass incarceration.

Bookforum with a selection of links about the situation in Baltimore and Ta-Nehisi Coates about growing up there.  

Bernie Sanders is running for President, as are very many Republicans.

The different targets and goals of ISIS and Al Quaeda.

The Intercept on the NSA's capabilities of text-to-speech conversion when listening in on phone calls - creating searchable documents of all phone calls. 

Pop Culture: 

A beautiful essay about how Virginia Woolf's tribute to her mother in To the Lighthouse

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