Friday, 29 May 2015

The Rules

Here’s another one from the book: “Don’t Expect a Man to Change.”
I’d reinvent that one to DON’T EXPECT THE INDUSTRY TO CHANGE. Guys are holding on so tightly to male protaganism because it perpetuates male privilege. From their subject seats they can POINT—”She’s old, SHE’S hot, she’s not, she’s old, she’s fat, she’s someone I want to bone, she’s past her prime, that person’s black, queer, fat.” [...]
 That pointer is a powerful thing. That white cis male gaze is like a lifeguard chair, it’s a watchtower—”I’m way up here naming things.” And they are NOT GIVING UP THOSE LOOKOUT SPOTS EASILY. In fact, they won’t even cop to the fact that they have that privilege. “Wait, what? We’ve had the voice too long? We’re not doing it on purpose…” So yeah, instead of waiting for these guys to change, instead STORM the gates, grab hands with each other, RUN like red rovers at the lifeguard chairs, snarl at the bases like wild starving beast dogs, boost each other up those watchtowers, and pull those motherfuckers down. 
Quartz: Jill Soloway adapts “The Rules” for women directors in Hollywood: you must cry at work, May 28, 2015

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