Thursday 8 December 2016

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This is essential reading: on resistence and collaboration in unbearable regimes. 
Realism is predicated on predictability: it assumes that parties have clear interests and will act rationally to achieve them. This is rarely true anywhere, and it is patently untrue in the case of Trump. He ran a campaign unlike any in memory, has won an election unlike any in memory, and has so far appointed a cabinet unlike any in memory: racists, Islamophobes, and homophobes, many of whom have no experience relevant to their new jobs. Patterns of behavior characteristic of former presidents will not help predict Trump’s behavior. As for his own patterns, inconsistency and unreliability are among his chief characteristics. 
The New York Review of Books: Trump: The Choice We Face, November 27, 2016

As Hillary Clinton slowly makes her way towards having won the popular vote by about 2.7 million votes, here's how the electoral college gerrymanders the presidential vote

Meanwhile in Austria, Norbert Hofer fails his third attempt to become President, but polls are still looking very good for the much more consequential Parliamentary election. 

After months of protests, the Dakota Access Pipeline which would have endangered the water source for a nearby reservation has been delayed after the Army Corps of Engineers has halted construction due to safety concerns. 

What will Brexit mean for asylum in the UK, and the Dublin convention? 

Pop Culture: 

Stranger Things is a show against cynicism and irony (but at the same time, isn't nostalgia sometimes the most potent tool for erasure?).

Watch FKA twigs documentary about the Baltimore Dance Project. 

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