Tuesday 20 June 2017

Links 20/6/17 compact edition


This long profile of Chelsea Manning is moving and an important read.

A summary of all the other things apart from Russian connections that are worth investigating when it comes to Donald Trump (for example, fake charities and breaking the law a lot). 

Yet those who fear that our society had ceased to care about language might take comfort in the committee’s strenuous attempt to parse what Trump meant by two seemingly simple words: “I hope.” 
The New York Review of Books: Words Still Matter, June 13, 2017

A conversation between Naomi Klein and Michelle Alexander, hosted by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. 
It's also the case that throughout history, every time there has been even the appearance of racial progress, there has been a severe backlash -- as Van Jones termed it, a "whitelash." This happened over and over again throughout our history. After the Civil War, we saw that backlash that helped to birth convict leasing. After Reconstruction, we saw white "Redemption" and the backlash that undid Reconstruction, and we saw the birth of Jim Crow laws. And following the formal dismantling of the old Jim Crow by a courageous civil rights, human rights, Black freedom struggle movement, we saw a backlash yet again that manifested itself as a "get tough" and "law and order" movement that helped to birth mass incarceration in the United States. And so, in many respects, Trump's election was yet another backlash against the perception of racial progress. 
Truthout: "People Were Resisting Before Trump": Michelle Alexander, Naomi Klein and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in Conversation, June 18, 2017

Pop Culture: 

Vulture has a long interview with Jordan Gavaris of Orphan Black.

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