Thursday 25 January 2018

A Random Links 25/1/18

It represents the lengths Australia has gone to in order to cover up its colonial crimes. The country promotes a devastating amnesia about the mass slaughter of Aboriginal nations in order to escape accountability — not just for the thousands of lost black lives, but for the stolen land that Australia was built upon.
This is what Australia Day is ultimately about: resisting accountability. And it is not a coincidence — it is deliberate. Australia Day is not about "mateship" or a "fair go". It is not a celebration of the "lucky country". It is a tool used by a perpetrator of violence to undermine calls for justice. 
Buzzfeed: To Celebrate Australia Day Is To Celebrate Violence, January 22, 2018

Pop Culture: 

In this year 2018, let's celebrate that Portlandia will soon end, that Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl will be developed into an HBO series, and that Sleater-Kinney are back in the studio. (and also, what does this mean?)

And else? The loss of the Hairpin and the Awl, this film seems like it will be a lot. And in most exciting news, Daniel Kaluuya has very well-deservedly beaten all other Skins alumni to the Academy Awards punch. 

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