Saturday 31 August 2019

Reading List: August.


Jia Tolentino: Trick Mirror. Reflections on Self-delusion.


Samantha Shannon: The Priory of the Orange Tree.
Riley Redgate: The Final Draft.
Gillian Flynn: The Grownup.
Laura McHugh: The Wolf Wants In.
Laura Lippman: Lady in the Lake.
Laura Lippman: What the Dead Know. 
Laura Lippman: And When She Was Good.
Laura Lippman: After I'm Gone.
Laura Lippman: To the Power of Three. 
Laura Lippman: Sunburn. 
Laura Lippman: The Most Dangerous Thing.
Laura Lippman: I'd Know You Anywhere.
Claire LeGrand: Sawkill Girls.


What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Deep Space Nine (2018, Ira Steven Behr, David Zappone).
Ponyo (2008, Hayao Miyazaki).
The Australian Dream (2019, Daniel Gordon).


Jane the Virgin, Season 5.
Mindhunter, Season 2.
Killjoys, Season 1.

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