Sunday, 28 February 2021

Reading List: February.


Molly Wizenberg: The Fixed Stars.
Beth Macy: Dopesick.
Stacy Schiff: The Witches. Salem, 1692.
Jeff Gunn: The Road to Jonestown. Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.


William Gibson: Agency.
Julia Ember: Ruinsong.
Rose Szabo: What Big Teeth.
Courtney Summers: Sadie.
Courtney Summers: The Project.
Sarah Langan: Good Neighbors.
Patricia Lockwood: No One Is Talking About This.
Melissa Broder: Milk Fed.
Don DeLillo: The Silence. 
Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Mexican Gothic.
Sarah Gailey: When We Were Magic.
Kelly Quindlen: Late to the Party.


One Night in Miami (2020, Regina King).
Black Bear (2020, Peter Paton).
On the Rocks (2020, Sofia Coppola).
All In. The Fight for Democracy (2020, Lisa Cortes, Liz Garbus).
Resident Evil Afterlife (2010, Paul W.S. Anderson).
Resident Evil Retribution (2012, Paul W.S. Anderson).
Resident Evil The Final Chapter (2016, Paul W.S. Anderson).


Limetown, Season One.

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