Sunday 31 October 2021

Reading List: October.


Ryka Aoki: Light From Uncommon Stars. 
emily m. danforth: Plain Bad Heroines.
Lana Harper: Payback's a Witch.
Lauren Shippen: Some Faraway Place.
Lee Mandelo: Summer Sons.
Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Certain Dark Things. 
S.A. Lelchuk: Save Me From Dangerous Men. 
Andrea Lawlor: Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl.
Charlie Jane Anders: The City in the Middle of the Night.
A.J. Capetta: The Heart-Break Bakery. 
Alicia Jasinka: The Dark Tide.
Laura Sibson: Edie in Between. 
Cassandra Khaw: Nothing But Blackened Teeth.
Joan He: The Ones We're Meant to Find.
T. Kingfisher: The Hollow Places. 
Paul Tremblay: Disappearance at Devil's Rock.
Verity Lowell: Meed Me in Madrid.


Tully (2018, Jason Reitman).
Unpregnant (2020, Rachel Lee Goldenberg).
Space Sweepers (2021, Sung-hee Jo).


Squid Game, Season One.
Revolutionary Girl Utena, Season One.
Girl in the Woods, Season One.
Red Election, Season One. 
Reyka, Season One.
New Gold Mountain, Season One.


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