Friday 30 November 2007

Columnize my randomness, Part 7

Just two quick things:

A film about bored, pretty, young and rich German people who know not what to do with their lives, so they do whatever their money buys them: "Nichts als Gespenster", based on the short story collection by Judith Hermann. I find myself more on the other side of ghostness, the one Christian Petzold mapped out two years ago. I also lack the money to be melancholic in such foreign and beautiful landscapes.
On the other hand, I also tend to smoke cigarettes while empires go down. I mean, what else are you supposed to do?

Carrie Brownstein, guitarist of Sleater-Kinney the band that disbanded when I started to fall in love with them, wrote about a game called "Rock Band" for Slate. The irony of reading an article about a game where people pretend to be rock stars by someone who has just stopped being in one of the greatest bands between the Nineties and 2000ds is tough, but it's still kind of funny. But sad.
Oh, and while looking for new stuff, I found an old interview in which Brownstein states she has prejudices against Hippies and Yuppies, "but is turning into both". Heh. Also for putting the Bible in one sentence with "plumbing".

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