Saturday 22 December 2007

Computer stuff, Christmas movies

I think I mentioned before that I grew up with Windows so consequently (and started at a relatively young age for Austrians of "my generation") that I have grown accustomed to everything widely critisized about it. I like the fact that if there is a problem, you usually can't solve it but have to find a way around it so that after, say, three or four years, you are the only person able to use your own PC because everybody else would need a huge list of instructions of how to avoid a crashdown. Same thing with my current PC: it stopped working properly after two hours. Step by step, it demanded to be turned off manually (yeah, that's right, like before Windows 98), didn't allow me to see the real fonts in Firefox and just was really, really slow. So I decided to do something I rarely do: I re-installed it. I deleted one hard drive and started from zero. And surprise: it works perfectly well. It's quick (although I guess as soon as I install Norton it's going to be snail-like again), it is without visible spleens. Since my laptop still doesn't work because I really hesitate to spend all that money on something I shouldn't actually need (Vista), I at least have a good-as-new PC available. Yay. But it's creepy, since it doesn't feel like my own machine anymore. It works so well it could be anyone's.
Oh, and now that I jinxed it, it will probably die very, very soon.

I am looking forward to a very large number of movies in the upcoming year: first, there's "Persepolis" which I still haven't seen (but I am collecting a surprising number and variety of people who want to see it), "Yella" which is going to come out in Austrian cinemas on January 11th (after my experience with "Gespenster", I am going alone. Something about Christian Petzold movies makes it very difficult to see them with other people), "Elizabeth Part II" or whatever the movie is called, "Dog Park" and "Eastern Promises", and naturally "Juno". But first of all, because sometimes seeing movies just for the group experience is necessary too, I'll go and see "Enchanted".

Oh, by the way, the three movies I always watch around Christmas:

1. The Peanuts - Christmas Special
2. Nightmare Before Christmas
3. Fanny and Alexander

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