Wednesday 9 January 2008

I watched the Battlestar Galactica movie "Razor" two nights ago, and since I know that spoilers are something awful which have to be avoided, the review will go somewhere else, but then, I really feel a need to discuss that because it contained everything I love about the show.

On my first day of University after the break, I was extremely motivated. I went there and just decided to visit a bookstore before because I wanted to buy another book by Juli Zeh, since I felt like I hadn't really given "Spieltrieb" the attention it deserved (I got "Adler und Engel"). While filing through the books, two new Suhrkamp titles jumped at me violently and demanded to be taken away immediately. I like how, even if you look like you're barely 15, people start to talk to you like you are actually all grown up when you buy 350-page-Suhrkamp-titles. Amazing. Anyway, I want to highly recommend "Stadtpolitik" by Häußermann, Läpple and Siebel which focuses on German cities but also gives a good overview over other regions. I haven't started "Schicht! Arbeitsreportagen für die Endzeit" yet, but the contributing authors sounded great (Dietmar Dath, Kathrin Röggla, Feridun Zaimoglu, Juli Zeh and many others). And I am just going to deny that the colours had anything to do with it. Apparantly, I really don't have any viable resistance against the shiny surface of things.

Oh right. And then I had to go to the library to immediately start reading the books, forgot about my lectures, and then spent a lot of money on coffee and sandwiches while listening to a friend telling me she had applied for an internship in Düsseldorf. There are two migratory movements among Viennese students: humanists go North, to Germany or even further up, and everyone who has a degree in economy and Sinology and the required connections immediately goes to China.

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