Tuesday 12 August 2008

I'm trying, really!

"Enthusiasm. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong either with liking things enough to evangelize on their behalf. Wanting people we like to like the same things we do is central to human existence. In validating our own tastes, we validate our own humanity. In linking us to others like us, we establish webs of communication, thereby turning Descartes if not, precisely, on his head, then at least recumbent on his side. Not, “I think therefore I am”; rather, “I communicate therefore I am.” Sharing tastes, convincing others to share them, shows us we do not live alone in a Cartesian vacuum. It allows us the relief of knowing that things external to us afflict others the same way they afflict us—with admiration or awe, with beauty or wonder or urgency."

Colin Snowsell in a fantastic essay on PopMatters, "Arcade Fire and H.G. Wells: The Lies Machine"

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