Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Road to the Presidential Election: Day Seven

"Law enforcement officers have foiled an alleged plot by two skinhead neo-Nazis who aimed to assassinate Barack Obama and kill 102 other people, according to court records unsealed today. [...]
They planned a "killing spree" in which they would target a predominantly black high school, killing 88 people and beheading 14 others, before trying to shoot Obama. They intended to wear white tuxedos and top hats during the assassination bid, said Jim Cavanaugh, the special agent in charge of the ATF's Nashville office.
"They said that would be their last, final act, that they would attempt to kill Senator Obama," he said. "They didn't believe they would be able to do it, but that they would get killed trying."

The Guardian, 28. Oktober 2008

"In an election that has been fought on an astoundingly low cultural and intellectual level, with both candidates pretending that tax cuts can go like peaches and cream with the staggering new levels of federal deficit, and paltry charges being traded in petty ways, and with Joe the Plumber becoming the emblematic stupidity of the campaign, it didn't seem possible that things could go any lower or get any dumber. But they did last Friday, when, at a speech in Pittsburgh, Gov. Sarah Palin denounced wasteful expenditure on fruit-fly research, adding for good xenophobic and anti-elitist measure that some of this research took place "in Paris, France" and winding up with a folksy "I kid you not."

Slate: Sarah Palin's War on Science, 27. Oktober 2008

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