Monday, 10 November 2008

The Monday List: Things

  1. A scarf, with colourful stripes and long enough to wrap me entirely like a mummy.
  2. The smell of some kind of shampoo or conditioner I never could quite pin down but occasionally randomly walk into, just to feel sentimental and sad.
  3. Not knowing what color or length of hair after two weeks of not checking
  4. The short upset of the heart, missing a beat, whenever the number would come up on the display just to remind you of your body and the mystery of its workings.
  5. Drinking together and never quite matching up, like the same substance did different things, putting us into different places.
  6. Walking, which always felt so much better than taking the subway or the bus.
  7. Catching a glimpse while driving by, mostly right when the subway would leave the station, remembering what an entirely different feeling it is to share the same city.
  8. Another cup of coffee although the shaking has already started and won't go away for some hours now.
  9. The smell of those ridiculous chapstick-cherry-flavored cigarettes no other respectable person could ever smoke, but of course no rules apply and no generalisations specifically.
  10. Saying four words never meant more honestly before and getting away with it, every time, and probably even being taken seriously despite the shaking in my voice.
Like, if you wanted to know what I am trying to distract myself from exactly and why I have an urge to leave this place for two weeks or alternatively just become somebody else for a month or so, just to feel the difference.

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