Wednesday 1 April 2009

G-20 Summit in London

"Now, a wave of voices around the world would like a new Big Bang to sweep away the Bretton Woods template and the era of Anglo-American dominance it ushered in. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia has suggested as much, to nobody’s great surprise, and even France’s otherwise pro-American president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has said the “Anglo-Saxon” presumption of dominance should be abandoned.
Against this background, what the British and American leaders will be attempting at the G-20 conference, along with their partners from around the world, will be to begin building a new global financial system that curbs the rampant and often conscienceless free-marketeering of the past 20 years with a new sense of accountability and restraint, but without extinguishing the spirit of enterprise that arrived in America with the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock."

NY Times: Anglo-American Capitalism on Trial, March 28, 2009
Zeit: Lücken auf der Agenda der G 20, 1. April 2009
Zeit: Ein Gipfel, viele Stimmen, 31. März 2009
NY Times: Obama, in Europe, Faces Big Challenges to Agenda , March 31, 2009

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