Sunday 29 March 2009

Das Lied zum Sonntag

High Places - Jump In

If you never take the first step,
You cannot go too far.
I'm sure you know that!
You strike me as a smart kid
And you've got big plans,
And big dreams,
And big big goals.
So get a move on
Jump in

We're jumpin' in
It begins

And oooh I'm so impressed
'Cause you have done your best
And we will get so much done
Before this day is done

If we never take the first step,
We cannot go too far.
Let's get a move on
Jump in

[very effectively used in the sixth episode of British teen drama "Skins"]


? said...

I am jumping in. There.

? said...

Hope you are ok? Sorry for the name changes...already explained this on my blog in one of todays posts

flame gun for the cute ones said...

Yay, exactly what I wanted to inspire!