Tuesday 26 October 2010

I run a big foundation now.

"Mr. Clinton sees Mr. Obama being in the same position he was in after two years in office; as he tells it, they both took painful actions to fix broken economies but it took time for Americans to feel the results. “There’s always a gap between when you start fixing things and when people feel fixed,” he told a crowd earlier in the day in Ann Arbor, where he stumped for Representative John D. Dingell.
The frenetic campaigning brings Mr. Clinton full circle again in his perpetual cycle of defeat and comeback. After the incendiary comments and hard feelings among Democrats two years ago, Mr. Clinton is now perhaps his party’s most sought-after campaigner, going to parts of the country where Mr. Obama does not venture these days, including Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and, on Monday, in his 105th event of the year, Texas."

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