Saturday 8 January 2011

Personally, I've always preferred Mr Jenkins over his son.

Mr. Elsley, 49, a Scottish-born television producer with a gentle voice and sleepy eyes, recalled in an interview how he and his son Jamie Brittain created “Skins” about five years ago out of “a slightly irritable conversation across the dinner table.”
“He was acquainting me with my age,” Mr. Elsley said of Mr. Brittain (he uses his mother’s last name), then 19, “and my boringness and the mundaneness of what I did.”
[...] “Jamie wouldn’t mind you knowing that he is, in fact, Sid,” Mr. Elsley said, “and he would take great pleasure in telling you that his ridiculous, shout-y Scottish dad is in fact me.

  • I don't exactly mourn the loss of explicit swearing, since British swearing is way better anyways (and Skins has, among many other things, considerably contributed to my vocabulary)
  • I wonder which "legendary show runners" Bryan Elsley talked to. 
  • I really like how articulate the cast is about the show and the characters and the UK version.
  • The second episode will be Tea's, there'll be 10 episodes. Counting Eura (the US version of Effy), there are nine main characters. From the original trailer thingy (which was removed promptly) it looks like Tony's, Stanley's (Sidney) and Chris' episodes will be very close to the originals.

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