Tuesday, 6 November 2012

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I haven't ever talked about the numbers before, but today's Cat and Girl is a good starting point, so here we go: Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight today says that Obama chance to win currently is 91,6 per cent, The New York Times says there are 512 paths to the White House (and Obama has 431 ways to win). The swing states are Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire (89 electoral votes). Talking Point Memo shows the final trend in Ohio and Virginia (Obama currently leads in both). The Guardian provides a helpful tool to figure out some of the numbers. Voting rights and voting conditions also seem to be an issue in this election. Some of the biggest news before today were New Jersey Governor Christie visiting places affected by Hurricane Sandy with President Obama, complimenting their "great working relationship", and NY mayor Bloomberg's endorsement of Obama (and criticism of Romney's position on climate change). 
And thus...

Nigeria's Chief of Army Stuff disclosed that Boko Haram, the jihadist militant organisation attacking Christians, have severely affected the economy and so far killed 3,000 people. 

The Guardian reports that the Syrian opposition "widens ranks amid tank battles in Aleppo". 

Pop Culture: 

BigThink on poet Sylvia Plath, who died fifty years ago. 
Late Plath, in other words, inhabits not only a fallen world but an absolutely toxic world, a world as diseased as her own mind and as treacherous as her own body. For her, all borders between that world and the self have dissolved; thus she feels entitled, even compelled, to drag the burden of mass catastrophe into the theater of her private tragedy. 
n+1 with a history of the post-apocalyptic novel. "Why bother dreaming up a devastated world when you live in one?"

Foals' new video for Inhaler (the follow-up to Total Life Forever will come out early 2013) is NSWF, Mumford & Sons' for Lover of the Light features Idris Elba. Crystal Castles' new record is so close that The A.V. Club has already reviewed it

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