Thursday 26 July 2007

OK, that's it, stop reading my mind

J. Jacques seems to share some of my obsessions. That's OK, and I guess it is more sensible for a musician to obsess about instruments than for a mere listener and occasional awful player. Oh, and I would really love to see more of Faye. She's been gone for quite some time now, and her psychotic behaviour is what drew me to the comic.

PopMatters explains why Harry Potter is such an unusual phenomenon of our time: while individualism has fragmented the "taste of the public" and there is hardly anything a huge number of people can agree on, Harry Potter seems to work for nearly everyone, except those who don't like it for that particular reason. In my circle of friends, Harry Potter is about the only thing most of us agree on, and more than that, we all like it for entirely different reasons, yet we can talk about it. I guess if I did not see some of the parallels to Buffy and if the whole series hadn't gotten so dark and complicated in the end, I wouldn't have liked it as much as I did (although I... did not really like the last book that much. Which I shall explain later, if I ever get around to reviewing both the movie and the latest book).
PopMatters: Harry Potter and the judgment of posterity


Number of people seen reading Harry Potter on the public transport system yesterday, July 25:

Number of conversations about Harry Potter in the past week:
I'd say about 10. I have to have some more now that I finished the book.

Weird thing that happened in relation to Harry Potter:
Saw someone wearing a "I Love Minerva" T-Shirt yesterday, calculating the odds that a 30 year old man would declare his love for McGonagall, I decided that it meant something else. But then...maybe not. I would love to have a "Love Good Luna" T-Shirt.

and finally, just to prove a point I tried to make when "Gold Lion" came out:

1. Tegan and Sara: Walking With a Ghost

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion

The new Tegan and Sara record, "The Con", came out a few days ago. The new Yeah Yeahs EP "Is Is" already collects good reviews from various sources.

Der deutsche Schauspieler Ulrich Mühe, bekannt aus "Das Leben der anderen", "Funny Games" und "Mein Führer", ist vergangenen Sonntag verstorben. Da ich seit dem Umzug nicht mehr Kulturzeit gesehen habe und zu wenig Zeitung lese, habe ich davon jetzt erst erfahren: dieses merkwürdige Gefühl, wenn man meint, mit einem Namen ein Gesicht zu verbinden, sich aber nicht ganz sicher ist, und dann erkennt, dass es stimmt, und sich dann mulmig fühlt.

Die Zeit: Einer, der sich erinnerte

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