Wednesday 19 December 2007


Yeah, right, I apparantly don't have anything else to do. Or maybe I am too busy for an original entry? I should turn that into a poll.

"Juno", Ellen Page's upcoming movie I raved about several times before, got reviewed by the New York Times and by my favourite local newspaper, The Stranger (that's Seattle, one of those towns I'd probably have to visit to realize that I wouldn't want to live there).

NY Times - Seeking Mr. and Mrs. Right for a Baby on the Way

I really like "frightenly talented", because after "Hard Candy", it is probably going to take 20 years before people stop referring to Page as frightening or terrifying. And now that I would have to think really, really hard about which movies apart from the obvious Harry Potter and Ratatouille might have made it to this year's blockbuster top list (and don't even get me started on music, I don't even know my alternative mainstream anymore, not to begin with mainstream), it seems that the industry is actually taking the right path away from financial ruin caused by the video game competition. Who would have thought that the future actually lay in people previously involved in "Freaks and Geeks" and "Arrested Development"? Who would have thought that geeks wouldn't just secretly control the entertainment industry, but also visibly?

The Stranger - Juno

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