Friday 18 July 2008


Und, nur zum Spaß, eine riesige Sammlung von "Batman - The Dark Knight" Kritiken. Was man darüber sagen kann? Der arme Christian Bale wird ein bisschen überschattet. Neben dem neuen X-Files-Film ist das der einzige Sommerbluckbuster, den ich vielleicht sehen will.

"But his [Heath Ledger's] Joker is a creature of such ghastly life, and the performance is so visceral, creepy and insistently present that the characterization pulls you in almost at once. When the Joker enters one fray with a murderous flourish and that sawed-off smile, his morbid grin a mirror of the Black Dahlia’s ear-to-ear grimace, your nervous laughter will die in your throat."

NY Times - The Dark Knight (2008)
"As the Bush era drags on, I seem to be developing an irrational hatred of summer blockbusters, those gas-guzzling, road-hogging, radio-blasting Hummers of the entertainment business. The fact that they get worse and worse and still make tons of money doesn’t say much for the national character. New York Times columnist Frank Rich recently conjured up an image of Americans flocking to the movies this summer to escape their woes, as if we were all dust bowl farmers hoping to banish the Great Depression from our thoughts with flickering images of Clark Gable and Mickey Mouse. But while our leaders are waging preemptive wars, torturing innocent people to death, tossing out habeas corpus, and gutting the Fourth Amendment, we probably don’t need to escape as much as the rest of the world needs to escape from us."

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And, in very unconnected news, a certain young American actor who recently won the European Soccer Championships has been nominated for a Screenwriting Emmy! Way to go, Mr. Strong!

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