Monday, 26 September 2011

Reaction Post - We are not like normal people, are we?

The Good Wife: 3x01 A New Day. 

  • I see the show is keeping with the "number of seasons, number of words in the episode title" thing, which is pretty cool. La Femme Nikita kept it up for five seasons (In Through the Out Door), and I sincerely hope The Good Wife gets to beat that. 
  • The case of the week is taken straight from the newspapers as usual (with strangely perfect timing too - a Muslim student accused of a hate crime against a Jewish student), but interesting because it highlights both Peter's new agenda (running a clean operation, but not a week one) and Eli's position in the firm (he is hired by a client of L&G to run a campaign against Islamophobia). 
  • First scene between Kalinda and Alicia: "Do you need something?" / "It's on your desk. It's self-explanatory". It's perfect because both pretend to be all tough and emotionless, and both clearly, clearly aren't. Later, Diane picks up on their weirdness and tells them to "make it better" - and they do, because regardless of what happened last season, they still are the perfect team (and they are also, of course, both professionals). 
  • Kalinda immediately took the blame for the intel that actually got Alicia's client into trouble... good job at pretending not to care and still quietly and desperately working to make things better. 
  • Kalinda's married ex is now working as an investigator for Peter, and therefore has to team up with Cary. Awkward! She also just follows Kalinda around all the time because that's the quickest and cheapest way to collect information; also flirt.
  • Also: poor Cary and all his feelings (especially his Kalinda-related feelings - so now they are using each other and it's no longer a one-sided thing?). Working for Peter is probably going to force him to do stuff he doesn't actually want him to do, and he is still angry at Alicia.
  • Peter, always lurking, pulling his strings. 
  • Grace warms to her new tutor when she turns out to be different in the right way, like, breaking out into dance in a subway and making Grace film the whole thing. Considering how impressionable Grace has always been, I suppose this is going to be her new phase. 
  • Kalinda drinks alone... until Will joins her to tell her she needs a friend... or a dog (remember last season, when he told her she needed to confide in someone - well now he needs to confide in her, and she still remains as mysterious as ever. I wonder if she will eventually talk to him about Alicia.) Then, right after heading out to continue his affair (it's still an affair because even though Alicia is separated and pretending to be all mature about the break-up for the sake of the kids, they are sneaking around behind everyone's back), he tells her that he doesn't feel like normal people because he doesn't get emotional (and, more disturbingly, that he sometimes enjoys pretending to feel like he thinks he is expected to feel). THAT'S interesting because his example is from being in court, but it makes you wonder how he feels about Alicia, and how long their blissful (mostly sex-) thing is going to work. 
  • "I wanna stop acting and actually feel" / "Yeah". 
  • I also think that it will eventually become apparent to Alicia that she can't talk about this to anyone as long as she doesn't make up with Kalinda. 

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