Sunday 2 January 2022


This brings us to a difficult problem: the number of people who haven’t had the shot. In much of sub-Saharan Africa, vaccination rates are in single digits. As activists have argued from the start, the fate of the pandemic is governed by the vulnerability of the least protected. As complex as endemicity is going to be, we won’t even reach it without fresh attention to vaccinating the rest of the world.

Wired: Covid Will Become Endemic. The World Must Decide What That Means, 31 December 2021

The argument that we can and must resume our normal lives assumes that we ourselves are not vulnerable and our lives are not inextricably bound up in the lives of the vulnerable. It assumes a level of normalcy I have never felt, because we are all connected to someone who is at risk of the worst to come.

TNR: America Quits the Fight Against Covid, 31 December 2021

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