Monday 10 December 2007


I talked about "Bones before. I feel weird about the show: there are so many other shows out there which are too similar, the show is a mixture of CSI-visuals and "Crossing Jordan" characters, yet there is something about it, something Viennese people would refer to as "Charme". There is some subconscious level on which the show makes you believe that this is by geeks, for geeks, much in the same way that "Popular" was a glossy teenie-show on the surface but a "yeah, secretly, this is a show by queer people for queer people" in subtext.
On the picture above, you can see the star of the show, Bones (played by Emily Deschanel) in a Wonder Woman costume (is this a secret Joss Whedon reference? Maybe.). And the heart of the show, Angela, as Cher. And, most of all, David Boreanaz, as a complete nerd, which is ironic because the basic point of the show was that the serious, very averagely American FBI-agent finds himself working with a group of over-intelligent, but mindblowingly geeky scientists, who kinda became the cool crowd in the course of the show. It's like "Freaks and Geeks", all grown up, when the promise that one day the geeks would be the successful people and their torturers would be selling cars has come true.
Naturally, the episode in which all of this happened was the Halloween-episode, and I am looking forward to it just to find out how they got Bones into that costume. Drugs, maybe?

Oh, and dear Carrie Brownstein blogs for National Public Radio! She writes about people who carry cats and stuff.


Jennifer said...

hmm. i think in English the show might be said to have spunk. liked your post. Bones rocks!

flame gun for the cute ones said...

Spunk sounds interesting and probably more appropriate than "Charme", you're right. Do you guys know Pippi Longstocking in the States? Spunk there is some kind of useless yet beautiful kitsch you just have to like. Which kinda also fits my feelings for Bones. Greetings!