Tuesday 15 April 2008


It's always nice when election results in other European countries remind me that it could actually be way worse. It isn't. Yet.

One of the things that pass as getting me closer to an academic title gave me the possibility to watch parts of "Kassbach", a Peter Patzak movie from the late Seventies. It was horribly...I don't know how to describe it. Like, by growing up in Vienna I have certain pictures planted deeply into my brain which make up for what I will automatically associate with the idea of the Vienna tourists never see. I guess everybody has a certain idea about the dark side of the place they grew up in. And I guess there will always be a certain pattern of wallpaper, the kind of wood used in living room furniture and the way people talk in shops (I even have the slight idea that, back when I was maybe two or three, there were very few supermarkets and a pretty big number of specialized shops) which is somehow going to be the background of your childhood memories.

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