Thursday 2 October 2008

Everybody's sorry when they're cute

"On the positive side, recent stumbles by Mrs Palin – notably in a series of interviews with Katie Couric on CBS News – have served to lower expectations for tonight. But she has suffered tremendous damage not least with her burblings about Alaska, Russia and her so-called foreign policy expertise. [...]
Part of the mountain Mrs Palin must climb is there thanks to Tina Fey, the Saturday Night Live comedian who, for the past two Saturdays, has opened the hugely popular show with parodies of the governor's conversations with Couric. In one, Fey at times spoke the words exactly as Mrs Palin had delivered them, but to hilarious effect. Millions have watched the spoofs on websites such as YouTube.
While Mr Biden, a six-term Senate veteran, is a more seasoned debater there will be perils aplenty for him. [...] Mr Biden will be under strict instructions not to patronise Mrs Palin and nor to eviscerate her to the point where viewers, especially women, begin to feel sorry for her."

Independent, 2. Oktober 2008

So don't ask her about anything, because if she doesn't know the answer, people might "feel sorry for her". Well, good to know that they hold Vice Presidential candidates to such high standards.

[Ach so: Die Debatte zwischen Joe Biden und Sarah Palin wird ab 3:00 nachts auf CNN übertragen. Gerüchteweise wird es ein Massaker.]


? said...

You shouldnt be sorry. You are so cute in that pic! Did you watch the debate yesterday?

flame gun for the cute ones said...

Sadly my VCR failed to record it, but I'll try to watch some clips online if I get around to it. Well, apparantly I shouldn't be sorry since she managed not to make any stupid remarks, which is celebrated like she won the Nobel prize or something. What did you make of it (did you see it?)

PS: which pic?

? said...

I read about it. I hear she didnt do too well. But there is something about her and I dont think anyone can really tell what the ultimate outcome will be, can you?

? said...

Is that you in the picture on your profile? You really are cute. You know what I'm talking about.

btw: have posted stuff on salmon rushdie, satanic verses, have you read it? See you there